Arriving at Blessed Dress – you can arrive by car (parking north and west of the church) or city bus (Main Street Max stops @ 51st & Brookside Boulevard) or walk (along the Trolley Trail or just west of UMKC). Enter through the glass doors in the east side of the church. There are refreshments available for any men or boys who come with you, or others who do not want to go to the Prom Boutique floor. The church is accessible for wheel chairs and strollers. All girls are welcome; we do not use any means testing and we do not impose any geographic, religious or gender identification restrictions.

Checking In – you’ll check in at the bottom of red stairs, giving your name, school and how you heard about the Blessed Dress KC Prom Boutique. No appointment or pre-registration is needed. And we won’t ask for personal information, you do not have to prove financial or other need. Any high school girl is welcome to select a dress whatever her needs and dreams might be.

Selecting a Dress - the church has a huge parlor, and for this Blessed Dress KC Prom Boutique, it is transformed into a boutique filled with more than 1,500 dresses. A personal shopper will offer to assist you. You may build a relationship with your personal shopper. They range from 18 year old high school students, to women in college, someone your mother’s age, or perhaps someone your grandmother’s age. Some years, local DJs or Miss Kansas or Miss Missouri contestants are personal shoppers. And it may be someone with whom you can network for additional opportunities. We have 12 private dressing rooms for your use. You’ll be asked to select three dresses at a time so that the line keeps moving and the dresses don’t get too disorganized. You can try on as many dresses as you like, three at a time. Dressing room attendants will zip, button, snap, tie and otherwise assist you in any way you need. Your family or friends (women & girls only) can be in the dressing room with you, or you can text pictures to those helping you decide. We have one community dressing room which is large and 20 girls at a time can try on dresses. This goes more quickly, but if you prefer a private dressing room, it is totally your choice.

Alterations – minor alterations such as repairing a snap or button, adding a ribbon strap, replacing missing beads, are available. For hemming or resizing a dress, we can make recommendations of places who will do fee-based alterations.

Checking Out – once you’ve selected your perfect dress, you’ll stop by the Check Out table so we can count dresses. You’ll probably be asked to show your dress, and you’ll likely be happy and excited to do so. You might also opt to give your email for a reminder next year or invitations to other girl-affirming events. If you’d like to make a donation, or bring your dress back next year to “pay it forward” you are welcome to do so.

Having your Dress Steamed – head back up the red stairs and a volunteer will offer to steam your dress. Some dresses do not need this, and if you plan to have alterations done, you won’t want it steamed yet. But for those dresses which show some wrinkles, they come out easily with expert steaming. Your dress will be slipped into a plastic dress bag, placed on the hanger, and you’re on your way.

Selecting Accessories – wait . . .  before you go, would you like to select shoes, jewelry and a purse? Maybe a shawl in case prom evening is cool. An array of sizes of shoes (5-10) and heel heights, styles and colors are available for FREE. You can select two pieces of jewelry, a purse and a shawl or scarf. All FREE to complete your outfit.

And here is what will not happen – no one will preach to you. To quote a beloved hymn, you will know we are Christians by our love. We will welcome you into a sacred space filled for the day with beautiful dresses. No one will judge you – not for your size, your sexual identify or preference, your fluency in English or lack of, your taste in dresses, your faith, religion, culture, traditions . . . nothing. This is a fun, judgement free, welcoming, loving like Christ loves, environment. We’d also like to promise that you won’t leave without a dress, but alas, about 8-9% of our guest do not find their prom dress at Blessed Dress KC. But 91-92% do, so the odds are in your favor . . . see you at Blessed Dress!