Join a monthly meeting to help sort dresses, plan for the spring Prom Boutique and make friends with other Blessed Dress KC volunteers. Contact us for more information.

In early February, we'll have a live link to sign up for 2-hour shifts at the Annual FREE Prom Boutique. Meanwhile, you can read the information below to be familiar with the fun you'll have!

Volunteers Welcome Guests to Boutique

All volunteers wear jeans and a white shirt of their choosing. A pink lei is provided to everyone so we are easily identifiable by other volunteers and the shoppers. Men will remain upstairs and dress similarly to mark them as hospitality & greeters. Men will not be allowed in the shopping or dressing areas, no exceptions. We recognize that some girls have experienced sexual aggression or abuse and the safety and privacy of an all-girl shopping environment is aligned with our commitment to their rights and value as a participant.

Volunteers need to arrive 10-15 minutes early for their shift to ease the transition from one shift to the next. If any volunteer would like to stay for an extra shift, they should see the Leader to understand where they could be most helpful. We encourage volunteers to ask girl’s first name and school, then refer to her by name during their interaction. Some girls will be shy and hesitant about selecting dresses. We encourage them and make the experience fun. Girls will often avoid trying on larger sizes (and our zippers break!) so we encourage them (“oh, sometimes the sizes are wrong, try this one”). There are safety pins, tape, mirrors, strapless bras, etc in the Dressing Rooms.

Every volunteer must respect the dignity and privacy of each shopper and her family. We welcome Lesbian, Transgender, and Bisexual shoppers. If they self-identify and if there are are concerned about their privacy, a Leader can provide the Pastor’s private bathroom as a private dressing room. We welcome girls of any race and try to accommodate non-English speakers. Girls are welcome to shop with their baby and if pregnant, we will work to find a fitting dress. No one is judged and no one is turned away, except in the case of aggression.

The Blessed Dress Prom Boutique requires 20-30 volunteers per shift during the boutique. Starting early February, we begin inviting women, men and girls (17+) to serve in several capacities. We distribute invitations via email, church announcements, Facebook, flyers, and word of mouth. We use signup-genius to capture shifts, all shifts are 2 hours:

  • Friday (open 3-7pm)
  • 2:30-4pm (includes half hour set up)
  • 4-6pm
  • 6-8pm (includes half to one hour clean up)
  • Saturday (open 9am-2pm)
  • 8-10am (includes half hour set up)
  • 10am-noon
  • noon-2pm
  • 2-3pm (includes one hour clean up)

Hospitality (4-6/shift) – Greet girls and their parents or friends in the Connect, direct girls to the boutique and visit with others while girls shop. Provide and restock snacks.

Check-in Girls (1-2/shift) – Host the Welcome Desk in the Breezeway and greet girls, ask them to sign in with their name, school and how they heard about the event.

Shopping Helpers (3-4/shift) – Assist girls one-on-one in selecting a dress, rove around the shopping area to help girls, return unwanted dress to racks.

Dressing Room Attendants (6/shift) – Stay at the Dressing Rooms and hand dresses to girls, zip and snap, protect and assure girls of their privacy. Encourage girls to try various sizes and comment positively on their selections. Communicate with other dressing room to assure good flow and avoid long waits at Dressing Rooms.

Steam Dresses (4/shift + 1 rover) – Use steamer to steam dresses and bag them, thank girls for coming and visit with them while steaming. The rover will assure you have supplies and keep cookies and water available in your steaming area for girls while they wait.

Jewelry & Shoe Attendant (1-2/shift) – Greet girls in the Prayer Chapel to select jewelry and other accessories as available. Remind girls they cannot shop for jewelry until they have selected their dress downstairs. One piece of jewelry (or set of earrings & necklace) per girl.

Check-out Girls – (1/shift) – Thank girls for coming, collect comments (particularly if they did not find a dress), take pictures if girls agree, and keep a count of how many dresses are selected and taken.

Photographer (1/shift) – Photograph individual girls, dresses, shopping and other pictures of interest. Any photo showing a girl’s face must be accompanied by a signed release (by parent/guardian if under 18 years of age).