Photo Courtesy of Barb Shelly

The Annual FREE Prom Boutique is the signature event of Blessed Dress. It is a special Friday-Saturday in mid-March, and many months of work go into preparation. Dresses, shoes, jewelry and purses are donated to us throughout the year. We sort them, keep only those which are current styles, fun prior trends, vintage, or otherwise special and worthy of the Annual FREE Prom Boutique.

We remove dresses that are old, dull, casual, super revealing (short, plunging, slit, cut out, see through). We clean dresses as necessary and repair zippers, buttons, snaps, beads, and other minor damages. Each dress receives an even number size tag (0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26 and occasionally larger sizes).

We then arrange dresses by color to create a beautiful array. Roughly 1,500 dresses are rolled onto the Prom Boutique floor and made available for shopping. We replenish dresses or retrieve a size / color by special requests.

Dresses, shoes, jewelry, and purses are available for any high school girl. Our focus is prom, but if you have a father & daughter dance, special banquet, or other event, you are welcome to select one dress. You have to be present to select a dress.

If you cannot come the weekend of the event, we can set up a private appointment for you in April. Mothers and friends are not allowed to select dresses for girls who are not present, but you can schedule a private appointment at your convenience.

     - - - -       REQUIREMENTS TO SELECT A DRESS     - - - -        None, just come and shop     - - - -       

That’s it. No pre-registration. You do not need an appointment. You are qualified if you are a high school girl. Period.